Nido Community (8 weeks-15/18 months)

Infant relaxing in NidoOur Nido Community nurtures each child in a beautiful caring environment, and stimulates the development of infants in a way that promotes independence and self-esteem.

The Montessori environment is specially prepared to meet the developmental needs of infants. Through simple displays and aesthetic order, the Nido environment is prepared to respect, support and respond to the baby’s sensorial development and learning. In the caring and positive atmosphere, social interaction and a sense of belonging are promoted as infants explore and learn.

Our focus is to address the basic needs of your infant by creating:

  • A safe and caring connection between adult and child, through caregivers with deep respect for the life unfolding before them, and response to each child’s needs through direct observation.
  • An environment that encourages the development of your baby’s growing sense of self and independence.

Our Nido program has two Montessori trained Infant and Toddler teachers, as well as teaching assistants trained in child development. All Nido and Young Children’s Community team members are CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen certified, received Safe Sleep and Shaken Baby training as required by the State of MI, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Additionally, all Nido and Young Children’s Community team members have received their whooping cough vaccination.

Communication between home and school is extremely important. We send home daily reports with information that will inform you of your child’s eating, sleep, diaper changes, and other key components. We encourage questions and comments. Additionally, we offer two formal conferences during the school year and are available to meet at other times, too.

In addition to extraordinary Montessori infant care, we have created a comfortable and private breastfeeding area within the Nido environment for mothers. CMSAA is a community for parents that provides resources, support, techniques, education and a lending library.

“It is a mistake to believe that a child is muscularly weak simply because it cannot stand or that it is naturally incapable of coordinating its movement. A baby shows the strength of it muscles in the way it moves its limbs. Sucking and swallowing are complex operations involving a great deal of coordination of the muscles, and yet infants at birth can perform these actions…The muscles, as they grow strong, await a command of the will to coordinate them.”
-Dr. Maria Montessori

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