Children's House students workingWe believe that every child can do great things. Our programs are designed to meet children’s needs and abilities. We offer individually paced curricula to challenge students to reach their personal potential.

Montessori offers an unparalleled educational experience that allows children to develop their whole person—intellectually, physically, and spiritually. More than just an alternative to traditional daycare, preschools, and kindergartens we believe that a Montessori education provides the ideal environment for students to come to know themselves, the world, and ultimately their place in it.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning through an authentic Montessori education rooted in Christian values.

As an interdenominational school, we do not present Christian doctrine through the lens of a particular tradition, nor are we affiliated with any church or denomination. Our focus is on preparing and supporting an environment in which children can enrich their faith and grow in their relationship with God. We attract families from a wide variety of backgrounds, which adds a richness to our community that we treasure. Some of our families are very involved and committed to their churches while other families do not attend church at all. We welcome all families, of any background, to CMSAA.

Although there are specific areas of our curriculum and times in our week that are devoted to prayer or worship such as weekly chapel, daily prayer, and Children and Worship, our shared faith is interwoven through all that we do. Our expression of faith is not restricted to specific times of day or particular activities; it defines who we are as a school and staff.

“Allowing the child to observe, to explore and to follow his normal interests is a form of respect towards the child.”
-Dr. Maria Montessori

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